Monday, February 15, 2016

Mid-Winter Presentation -- Derwent Inktense

By Carla Burns

Pink Lilies in Inktense by Jan Salmon
We welcomed the beginning of February with a Derwent Inktense presentation and demonstration by OSBA member Jan Salmon.  For many participants, it was an introduction to this relatively new, vibrant media.  Jan began the presentation by discussing the properties of Inktense, basic techniques and versatility of use.  Inktense can easily be used in conjunction with other water-based products as well as regular coloured pencils.  As part of the demo, we were given the opportunity to try our hand at painting colourful leaves.  Many members commented that these pencils would make a great addition to their portable art kit for nature journaling and travelling.  On display were some of Jan’s beautiful paintings which demonstrated how effectively Inktense can achieve vibrant colours for botanical subjects.  Thank you Jan!

OSBA Members working on leaf demo with Inktense pencils

Maple Leaf in Inktense by Inga 

Lilies in Inktense by Jan Salmon

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