Monday, April 5, 2021

OSBA General Meeting - Monday April 12, 2021 - 1:00 – 3:00 pm

Guest Speaker: Heather Clemenson-The Royal Horticultural Society Chelsea Flower Show 

Master Gardener and OSBA Member, Heather Clemenson journeys to the world of grand garden exhibits and floral displays. The annual RHS Chelsea Flower Show is a mecca for gardeners worldwide. It is a feast for the senses and an inspiration to gardeners and artists alike  ... the perfect tonic to welcome spring and botanical painting!


Saturday, December 26, 2020

December Natural Treasures Challenge is "Festive"

 As we come to the close of 2020, we have a final submission for our Natural Treasures Challenge of "Festive". Mary Atkins has contributed two coloured pencil paintings of an Amaryllis. Mary commented:

I have never had an Amaryllis before and thought it would be nice to try one for the Natural Treasure Challenge. I bought the first bulb in early November from my local garden centre. When nothing seemed to be happening I bought another at the grocery store. When the second one wasn't giving me much hope of having a picture drawn and coloured by Christmas I went and bought a third at another grocery store. This one is simply named 'Waxed Amaryllis'. When I went to the website attached to the label, the closest one resembling this one is called 'Red Lion'. This plant had a bit of a head start and has absolutely no maintenance like watering. I still had to persuade this plant to bloom by putting a light on it for many hours. So just in case it didn't give me a bloom, I drew two pictures. This was done with coloured pencil and watercolour pencil on Stonehenge Hotpress 140lb.

Tuesday, November 17, 2020

November Natural Treasures Challenge -- Stayin' Alive

 As we enter late Autumn, there are still a few plants that continue to display live folliage. Mary Atkins has taken advantage of the plants that are "last to leave the party" and has captured the colour variations in her spirea leaves. This painting was completed in coloured pencil on Fluid 140 lb. cold pressed watercolour paper. 

Mary commented "This is a cutting from one of many spireas that seemed to be holding up after being snowed upon. Mind you, this is my second cutting. The first one I procrastinated in getting started and it shrivelled up on me. So, with the second clipping I imediately started drawing it and then took several pictures. It too shrivelled up pretty quickly after being cut but thankfully I had the pictures. I like how the back of the leaves contrasted with the more colourful frontside."

Next month's Natural Treasures theme is "Festive". 

Spirea in coloured pencil by Mary Atkins

Monday, November 2, 2020

Natural Treasures Challenge Entries for September and October

Consistent with life in 2020, there has been a delay in posting September's entry for the Natural Treasures Challenge theme of Changes. Member Mary Atkins created a coloured pencil painting of Silver Maples for this theme. She has also submitted a coloured pencil painting of three gourds for the October theme of Harvest. Visit us again for the November theme of Stayin Alive. Update on 22 November 2020, we have received artwork from member Anne Pichora of her fall leaves.

Anne Pichora submitted her coloured pencil painting of Garden Leaves and commented "The Fall colours were really stunning this year. As various shades were reflected in our back garden Hosta, Maple and Barberry leaves, I tried to capture their rich, contrasting colours."

Garden Leaves in coloured pencil on Fabriano watercolour paper by Anne Pichora

Silver Maple Leaves in coloured pencil by Mary Atkins

Three Gourds in coloured pencil by Mary Atkins

Monday, August 31, 2020

August Natural Treasures Challenge Entries for Something Yellow/Orange

 For the month of August our Natural Treasures Challenge theme is "Something Yellow/Orange". Artists have been inspired by the golden colours of summer and the especially warm weather we've been experiencing here in Ottawa. So far we've had three entries for this month's challenge. Lauren Foster-MacLeod completed a study of a squash flower in watercolour from her garden, Celeste Dion painted a Helichrysum in coloured pencil, and Mary Atkins painted three quirky carrots from her garden in coloured pencil. Visit again, as we may have some late entries. The theme for next month is "Changes".

OSBA member, Lauren Foster-MacLeod was inspired by our August theme for the "Natural Treasures" Challenge to paint a squash flower growing in her yard. Lauren writes: "Watercolour study of a female squash flower. I started from life, but realized that these flowers have a very short life, and that it was gradually curling up as I was painting it. The small pencil sketch below shows how it looked earlier in the morning. It was all curled up and finished by noon. Watercolour on mixed media bristol, in a sketchbook"

Squash Flower in watercolour by Lauren Foster-MacLeod

Helichrysum in coloured pencil by Celeste Dion

Mary Atkins provided commentary on her carrot painting: "This is my submission for the August challenge. I was inspired to draw my uninspiring carrots. Simply put "I CAN'T GROW CARROTS". For many years I had a vegetable garden, and some years were more successful than others. So several years ago I had converted it to what I called my experimental garden for flowers. This year though, I thought I would follow the pandemic craze and attempt to grow vegetables again. The tomatoes, beans were somewhat successful, but for me carrots, as in previous years, only grow about 3" (7cm) deep and then turn a corner and grow every which way but down. This was done with coloured pencil on Dura-Lar drawing film."
Helichrysum in coloured pencil by Celeste Dion
Carrots in coloured pencil by Mary Atkins

Monday, July 27, 2020

July Natural Treasures Challenge Submissions "Something Redish"

Our July Natural Treasures Challenge theme was "Something Redish" and to date we have received two submissions. Mary Atkins created a coloured pencil painting of her Hemercocallis and Celeste Dion painted a watercolour of a Japanese Quince that grows in her friend's garden in the UK. Kristin Rothschild submitted a watercolour painting of a Geranium. We will update this post if we receive new entries. Thanks to our participants who are keeping this project active.

The theme for our August challenge is "Something Yellow/Orange" so possible subjects could be flowers, fruit and vegetables (sunflowers, peaches, nectarines, carrots, etc.).

Geranium in watercolour by Kristin Rothschild

OSBA member, Kristin Rothschild has been inspired by something red!
Kristin writes: “... a little painting of geraniums where I tried to capture the luminescence of the petals. “

Japanese Quince (Chaenomeles japonica) in watercolour by Celeste Dion

Hemerocallis in coloured pencil by Mary Atkins

Mary Atkins commented on her artwork "This is my submission for the July challenge. This Hemerocallis is similar to one I did many years ago (Salieri). I seem to have lost the tag for this one. In comparison to the Salieri, this plant is taller, sturdier and the flowers larger. This flower, when open, measures 12cm (5"). This plant stands about 90cm (3'). When comparing the two plants this plant is more of a magenta colour and the Salieri is a dark wine colour. This was done with coloured pencil on Grafix matte drawing film. Since the drawing film is Translucent I have used black paper as the background."

Friday, July 3, 2020

June Natural Treasures Challenge "Something Violet"

We received two submissions for the June Natural Treasures Challenge for "Something Violet". As many of us continue to stay close to home, we are drawing inspiration from our gardens. Mary Atkins sent in a coloured pencil painting of her Bearded Iris flowers in three stages of development. Theresa Bolton submitted a coloured pencil painting of her Baptisia. Celeste Dion submitted two entries for the challenge: purple chili pepper in watercolour and coloured pencil and a Pansy in watercolour.

The theme for July will be "Something Red (ish)".

Bearded Iris in Three Stages in coloured pencil by Mary Atkins
Mary Atkins submitted a coloured pencil painting of her Bearded Iris in three stages of development. Mary noted "Bearded Iris (again!). This time though, I have drawn three different stages before the bloom. The spathe (the papery cover around the emerging buds) are considerably more colourful. I think the pre-blooms are just as beautiful as the actual flower. This was done with coloured pencil on Hahnemuhle - Harmony 140lb hot press."

Baptisia in coloured pencil by Theresa Bolton
Theresa Bolton found inspiration in her garden by painting a Baptisia in coloured pencil. Theresa commented "Here is my late contribution for June. This is a Baptisia that I had planted last year after it had bloomed so I never saw the colour of the blooms until this Spring.I may not have captured the blue-violet colour of the blooms but if not I can always try next year! Coloured pencil."

Violet Chili Pepper in watercolour and coloured pencil by Celeste Dion

Pansy in watercolour by Celeste Dion